Each new OCCUPANT MUST have their own agreement. Below are some highlights of the terms.

OCCUPANT understands s/he does not have original occupancy or approved tenancy rights under the San Francisco Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Ordinance (hereinafter “Ordinance”) and shall have no direct claim against LANDLORD for occupancy, or for any housing service(s), or any other right(s) under the Ordinance or the Rental Agreement and any amendments thereto (including but not limited to the right of sub-let or assignment) or under the Legacy Lease.

OCCUPANT understand that should the original TENANT(s) ever vacate the premises, or no longer permanently reside at the PREMISES using it as their exclusive principle place of residency within the meaning of Section 1.21, then LANDLORD may commence a new tenancy at a new rental rate and with a new rental agreement, or may elect to terminate OCCUPANT’S occupancy rights under Section 37.9(a)(7) of the Ordinance, or may elect to continue the existing tenancy but notice an increased rental rate as allowed by local and State law.

LANDLORD is under no obligation to allow OCCUPANT to remain in occupancy or to provide any particular lease terms or agreement. LANDLORD is not obligated to make said election within any particular time limitations, unless required to do so by law.

For immediate questions please email