Generally, only cats are allowed in some of our buildings. We never allow more than two cats in an apartment or dwelling unit, regardless of the size of the apartment. In addition, residents may have a fish tank of up to 30 gallons with proof of insurance. There is a pet fee to have a pet. The pet fee is charged based on the number of pets or per fish tank. The fee ranges from $25 to $35 (or per tank in the case of fish) per pet, depending on whether or not you have hardwood flooring.

Summary of Pet License Terms and Conditions

If you have a pet or obtain one after you move in, you will be required to sign a Pet License agreement, which includes the following terms and conditions (as well as others):

1. You must agree to keep your pet under control at all times. Under no circumstance shall you allow more than the specified number of pets in the apartment. The maximum allowed under the rules of the Owner is two. If you want to increase the number of pets to the maximum of two, you must notify the Owner and sign a new agreement.

2. You must agree to keep your pet in your unit at all times, unless you are transporting your pet in or out of the building at which time you may have it in a container designed for transporting animals. This policy does not apply to guide or signal animals.

3. You must agree not to leave your pet unattended for a period longer than that which is appropriate in light of the needs of the pet. If the management has reasonable cause to believe that the pet is alone and the pet is creating a disturbance or any other emergency situation appears to exist with respect to the pet, management will enter the unit to remedy the situation.

4. You must agree not to leave food or water for your pet or any other animal outside your dwelling unit. Your must agree not to leave dry food available for long periods of time such that rodents are attracted to your unit and/or the surrounding area including the common areas and other apartments.

5. You must agree to dispose of all pet droppings properly and quickly, at least semiweekly, so that an odor will not develop inside the unit that would be offensive to anyone outside or near the unit. You must agree to dispose of animal waste in the trash area and securely wrapped to keep an odor from developing in the garbage area and to keep the garbage area free of scattered debris.

6. You must agree to keep your pet from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and you must agree to remedy any complaints made through the Owner or Manager.

7. You must agree that if the pet is not already spayed or neutered, it will be spayed or neutered before the pet reaches the age of one-year. The only acceptable exception is if a veterinarian certifies that health problems prevent the animal from being spayed or neutered. The resident must provide evidence of the spay or neuter procedure before the one-year anniversary date of the signed Pet License agreement. You must agree that your pet shall not under any circumstances bear offspring at the premises.

8. You must agree to immediately pay for any damage, loss, or expense caused by your pet, including but not limited to damage to the floor, carpet, window coverings and walls. You must agree that ripped or snagged carpeting or drapes is NOT ordinary wear and tear.

9. You must agree that the Owner or Manager may revoke permission to keep any pets in the event you breach your Pet License or in the event that the policy to allow certain pets is changed or modified by the building management and/or ownership.

10. In the event of an emergency, you must authorize the Owner or Manager to take pet to a veterinary hospital for any treatment that is deemed necessary by the doctor in charge and you must agree to reimburse the Owner or Manager for all costs incurred, if any.

11. You must pay a monthly pet fee and a pet security deposit. This policy does not apply to guide or signal animals or similarly situated working animals, who are exempt from the pet policy.

We strongly recommend that you contact the office to review the Pet License, BEFORE YOU ADOPT YOUR PET.

Working, Service and Therapy Animals

Working, therapy and service animals earn the privilege of service animal status and the priviledges associated with that respected designation.  Therefore, working, therapy and service animals are expected to behave in a fashion consistent with their serious responsibilities as working animals.  This means they are good animal citizens, do not threaten or disturb others at the property, do not destroy or damage the property or the personal property of others.  Working, therapy and service animals are expected to adhere to good animal citizen standards whenever they are in or around the building.

Legitimate service animals are always welcome as guests, visitors and residents at a Lightner Property Group owned or managed property!  Service animal guests or visitors never need to register in advance, or obtain advance permission to gain access to the property.  However, it can be very useful to alert management staff if a working animal will be visiting so we can appropriately respond to the inevitable inquiries of neighbors and other residents, who will likely alert the management to the presence of an unfamiliar animal within the building.

To arrange for the permanent occupancy  of a working or service animal, contact the on-site manager, if you have one, or the office at 415.267.2900.  It is necessary to complete a Service Animal License Agreement before you bring the working or therapy animal into the building and your apartment unit as a permanent  building animal resident.  Remember, there is never a monthly fee or increased security deposit associated with the occupancy of a service animal.