HOUSE RULES - In accordance with your lease terms and California state law, the terms of your tenancy for are to include the following: Generally, the exercise of simple common sense and consideration for others will be the only rule necessary to guarantee your personal comfort and enjoyment of living in a multi-family dwelling. However, in order for the building ownership and its Management to fully protect your rights and property against the occasional offender, these rules and regulations exist. These rules may be changed from time to time for your protection.



Fire: 911                     

Ambulance: 911                      

Police: 911   

Management: (415) 267-2900

Facsimile: (415) 267-2905      


Make all requests for repairs or maintenance in writing by mail, facsimile or by e-mail ( with FixIt in the subject line).  In the event of an urgent building problem, you may contact Lightner Property Group at the above number between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Generally, you will reach a staff member.  After business hours, or when there are numerous incoming calls, you will reach our automated voicemail system.  Follow the pre-recorded instructions to reach the appropriate urgent mailbox.  Urgent calls will be handled as soon as possible.  No charge is made for repairs or maintenance unless they are necessitated or caused by the negligence or mistreatment of the tenant(s), their guests or invitees.  All apartment units are inspected annually for preventative maintenance and necessary repairs.        


The laundry room, IF ANY, is to be used only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.  The last load of laundry should not be placed into the washer later 10:00 pm and the dryer later than 10:30 pm.  Report any malfunction of the machines to the Management or Residen Manager whose number is listed above. The laundry room and equipment shall be used only for washing and drying of the usual personal and household articles by named Tenants only.  No cleaning with inflammable materials, dyeing of clothes, or washing of oversized items in the washing machines is permitted.  No washing equipment may be installed in any apartment unit.  Installation within a single family home or flat may only be done with the prior written permission of the Owner.  


Tenants should park only in their assigned space, if they have one.  Report violations of the parking rules to your Resident Manager (if you have one) or the main office.  Within ten (10) days of a written request, tenants must provide to management, copies of their current registration and evidence of current insurance, or the tenant will not be allowed to park the vehicle on the premises or parking privileges may be revoked.  Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or unassigned spaces will be towed.  It is the Tenant’s responsibility to advise their guests and visitors to park in the street.  Only vehicles may be stored in parking areas. Vehicles may not be left unattended on jacks or blocks or in a non-operative condition.  Car repairs and washing are not to be done anywhere on the premises.  Abandoned or non-operative vehicles will be towed. Trailers, boats, campers and recreational vehicles may not be parked on the property.  Motorcycles or other motor-propelled vehicles shall not be stored in or on patios, balconies, apartments (or single family units or flats), laundry rooms, or other non-parking areas.


Wrap ALL garbage before placing it in the appropriate containers.  Never place loose garbage down a trash chute, as it attracts pests, makes noise, and will disturb your  neighbors.  Small boxes must be crushed and stacked neatly next to the recycling containers, or the recycling company will refuse the boxes.  Tenants are expected to keep the garbage areas clean and free of debris.  If a tenant or guest causes a spill, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the area.  Items too large for trash chutes (if operable) must be placed in the lower level trash room(s), area(s), or container(s).  Items that are too large for containers or recycling bins or which are not “ordinary household garbage” are NOT to be left in the garbage room or area under any circumstances.  Tenant must make arrangements for special pick-up, which shall be at the sole cost of Tenant.  All Tenants are REQUIRED to comply with and participate in the building recycling program.  Verifiable violations of these rules will result in fines being assessed against the offending party.        

6. NOISE: 

Tenants, family members and guests shall have due regard for the peace, comfort and enjoyment of other Tenants in the building.  Musical instruments, radios, television sets, stereos, etc., shall be played only during reasonable hours, normally 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and at a reasonable volume.  If a neighbor complains of musical instrument practice or playing, the offending tenant shall permanently cease the use of musical instruments at the premises.  Repeat violations of noise regulations is just cause for eviction. 


All activities and conduct of Tenants, Tenant’s family or guests in or around the premises and common areas must be reasonable at all times and not interfere with the peace, comfort, and quiet enjoyment of other persons on or about the premises.  No personal major or minor appliance (i.e. washing machines, clothes dryers, vibrating exercise equipment) will be allowed in the premises due to the stress it causes on building plumbing, building electrical systems and the noise created.  Tenants shall not use emergency exits (such as the fire escapes or roof area) for any purpose other than as an emergency exit.  No personal property shall be stored on or about any fire escape, common area stair or roof area.  Tenants may not sub-let or assign their interest in their apartment unit for any reason.  When consent to sub-let is required by law, any proposed sub-tenant is subject to owner’s non-discriminatory application process, must be approved by owner in advance of move-in and must sign a sub-lease approved by owner, or tenant shall be subject to eviction for just cause.  Each tenant household may have no more than two guests per bedroom (or one per studio unit) at any one time and for no longer than two weeks per guest per annum.      


If you wish to hang pictures, posters, lamps or hanging plants, etc., please check with the Management for acceptable methods so as to avoid excessive damage to the walls and ceilings.  Any accessory such as a towel bar, coat hook or built-in closet shelves may not be added without the prior written approval of Management.  Once installed, these items may not be removed even when vacating the unit unless the Tenant is so instructed by Management.  No painting, staining or papering shall be done without the prior written permission of the Management.


No alterations that will affect the apartment community’s outward appearance, such as installing your own draperies, may be made without prior written permission of the Management.  No sign, signal, advertisement, television or radio aerial shall be affixed to any part of the premises that can be seen by the general public.  Nothing shall be placed, permanently or temporarily, on or about the windows or emergency stair rail exits.  Tenants shall close all windows and doors when necessary to avoid possible damage from storm, rain or other elements, and shall be responsible for all damage resulting from the failure to take such precautionary measures.




The use of charcoal, electric or gas barbecues, or charcoal or gas heaters, are not permitted anywhere on or about the property, including on decks, within patios, or within apartment units.


Each rental unit is completely furnished with light bulbs and batteries for the smoke detector at the time the Tenant takes possession. Thereafter, when these items are needed, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to replace them.  If you see a common area light bulb out, report it to your Resident Manager if you have one, and Management if you do not.


Bicycles, play equipment and other personal effects may be stored only in designated areas, if any, and shall not be allowed in the common areas, such as lobbies, elevators, hallways, passageways, garages, courts or balconies of the building.  No packages or boxes shall be placed or left on the stairs, landings or in any other common area.  No linen, clothing, curtains, rugs, mops or other items may be shaken or hung on or from any windows, doors, railings or balconies.  Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind to Tenant’s belongings left in the storage rooms, lockers or common areas of the building or complex.  The use of said areas is at the Tenant’s risk. Check with your insurance carrier or check your insurance policy to verify that personal belongings stored outside your unit are covered for loss and/or damage.  Use of the building’s storage rooms, if any, is subject to a monthly use fee.  No gasoline, paint or other inflammable materials shall be stored on or about the premises.

13. LOCKS: 

Tenants shall take preventative measures not to lock themselves out of the premises.  A service charge will be made in the event the lockout occurs after 6:00 p.m. or before 8:00 a.m., or in the event it requires an off-site staff person to travel to the building at any time.  The cost of said lockout currently is $125, but may be increased annually each year on January 1, without additional notice.  Weekend and holiday visits may incur higher fees. 

Alteration or replacement of locks or installation of knockers or other attachments upon any door is not permitted. The Management shall retain a master key to the premises for emergency purposes.  All keys must be returned to the Management when Tenant vacates the premises. If not, Tenant shall be charged for the cost of changing the locks and replacing the keys.  All doors and any window accessible to a common area must be locked during Tenant’s absence.  For additional information, please refer to the Key Receipt and Key Policy.


The Management shall not be responsible for the delivery, damage or loss of messages, packages, mail or other material left at entrances, the Management office, or in any corridor or public place.  Staff members and Resident managers are not authorized to accept mail or packages on behalf of any Tenant(s) and are subject to disciplinary action for agreeing to do so.  Therefore, please do not request special treatment.


Tenants shall notify the Management of any intention to move furniture or bulky articles in or out of the building and Management shall supervise such moving.  Any damage done by movers shall be the sole financial responsibility of the Tenant.


Tenants must carry sufficient insurance on their personal property to avoid financial loss in the event of fire, theft, water damage, or other casualty.  Check with you insurance carrier to verify that personal property stored outside of your unit (bike in bike area or personal belongings in storage area) is covered under your insurance policy.  Within 10 days of a written request, tenant shall provide evidence of proof of insurance to management.  In the event your building or complex has a main lobby with a front door access key AND your front door key is lost or stolen, it may be necessary for you to make a claim against your insurance carrier for the cost of re-keying the front door, and the cost of replacement keys for ALL Tenants and management personnel.


Smoking is not permitted in any common area, including but not limited to the laundry areas, parking areas, and hallways.  Excessive smoking within an apartment unit that causes offensive smoke odor to be emitted or travel into the common areas (such as hallways or air wells) is not permitted and is considered to be smoking in the common areas.  Such smoking is prohibited.  Tenants who smoke should run smoke air filters whenever smoking to avoid smoke traveling to common areas.   


For administrative ease and to reduce overall costs, rent payments are due on the first day of each month.  Rents not paid on time are subject to late fees.  The payment of a late fee is not the establishment of a grace period.  Late fee policies are detailed in your rental agreement or herein.    The most current administrative fee schedule (including late fees) and late fee policy is posted at the management company website and is attached hereto.  Please note these fees are subject to change without notice and the most current fee schedule controls, regardless of the terms of your lease.  Payments are first applied to outstanding fees, then to outstanding rental charges.  Only named Tenants may tender rental payments.  Returned rental payments are subject to a returned check charge.  Other administrative charges may be assessed when appropriate.  All Tenants are subject to the most current administrative fee schedule.  See the company website for details ( or you may call the main office (415-267-2900) to receive a current fee schedule by mail.


Management reserves the right, upon giving seven (7) days written notice to Tenant, to make or modify additional reasonable rules and regulations as in its judgment may, from time to time, be needed for the safety, care, cleanliness, protection, operation of the premises or for any other reasonable purpose.  No lease term or condition may be modified except in writing.  No staff member, agent or any other person has authority to expand or add to the rights of, or services received by any tenant by their verbal consent or permission, whether passive or active, or written agreement that is not ratified by the Owner.  Any unauthorized service or the passive or active consent of any staff member or agent is personal to them and is not the service or consent of the Owner.