If you do not economically qualify for the apartment, or if you have experienced past credit problems, you may elect to have the rental payments guaranteed by the guarantor of your choice. To qualify, the guarantor must meet certain economic standards, have excellent credit, and must sign our standard form guarantee.

The guarantor will be required to submit a government issued photo identification showing their signature (which must match the signature on the signed guarantee) and it will be necessary for the proposed guarantor to speak directly with a staff member who will call them at their residence or place of work for identity verification.

The guarantor must have a net worth (excluding their personal residence) of at least $250,000, and regular income of at least three times all of their monthly debt (e.g. loans of all types, revolving credit, child support etc.), including the proposed total monthly rent. This is commonly referred to as an income-to-debt ratio of no more than 3 to 1. 

The proposed guarantor must supply documentation showing a liquid net worth (stocks, bonds, notes, or cash deposits, personal residence is excluded) of $250,000 or more. The proposed guarantor must submit three statements of valuation of the assets. One of the three statements must be current, within 30 days of the application. The second evaluation must be a statement that is no less than 6 months old, and the third must be no less than 12 months old, but not greater than 18 months old. The net worth valuation will be determined by averaging the value of the three statements.