If you believe you have a problem with bedbugs, IMMEDIATELY contact your on-site manager or the main office. Do NOT delay as the longer the bugs are given unfettered access to your unit, the greater the chance of a serious outbreak. Whenever you travel, please be sure to carefully inspect your suitcase and personal clothing items for evidence of bed bugs. If you see evidence of bed bug activity, or if you have any bug bites, contact building management so we may implement a bug eradication plan.

Prohibition Against Used Furniture

In the past it was not uncommon for residents to accept or purchase second hand furniture. Unfortunately, this practice is no longer safe.  The slight chance that the item could be infected with pests of any kind, outweighs any benefit of having low cost furnishings.  Consequently, as a matter of public health and safety, we do not allow residents to bring used furniture into the building that has not been under the control of the resident, or the control of a friend or family member for at least six months and is shown to be FREE of all pests.