Lightner Property Group will work with tenants who have disabilities to make reasonable accommodations to their units. Please contact Arthur Swanson in writing to submit your reasonable accommodation request at or call 415-267-2900.


What is considered a disability under California law?

• Under California law, a disability is a mental or physical impairment, disorder, or condition that limits a major life activity. The definition of disability includes a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, as well as medical conditions related to cancer and genetic characteristics.

• Major life activities include, but are not limited to, physical, mental, and social activities and working. Further, whether a condition or disability “limits” a major life activity must be determined without respect to  any mitigating measures such as medications, assistive devices, prosthetics, or reasonable accommodations, unless the mitigating measure itself limits a major life activity.

What rights do I have as a tenant with a disability?

Persons with disabilities are entitled to be free from harassment and discrimination in all aspects of housing. They also have a right to reasonable accommodation in rules, policies, practices, or services related to housing when necessary to afford a person with a disability equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling and are permitted, at their own expense, to modify their dwellings to ensure full enjoyment of the premises.

What should I do if I believe I have been discriminated against?

If you believe you have experienced illegal discrimination or harassment, you can explore filing a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) by taking the following steps within one year of the incident:
• Contact DFEH in writing or at our toll-free Housing number (800) 233-3212
• Provide specific facts about the incident or situation
• Provide copies of documents that support the charges in your complaint
• Keep records and documents about the complaint, such as a diary or log of incidents, rent receipts,
applications, and other potential proof of discrimination